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Ukulele Addict

Hello out there!

My name is Chris from North Alabama, and I'm a ukulele addict.

I "discovered" the ukulele on a trip to Hawai'i in November 2004. I spent way too much on a low end Lanikai and upon the return to the mainland I spent every waking moment pouring over the instruction book that came with it. I soon ordered several more books and DVDs on the uke and discovered there was very little information about them online. Since I had the majority of them already, I figured why not do it myself. I started up Ukeland.com to provide a place for reviews. Soon it expanded to include recordings, tabs and a lot of other good stuff.

Then the podcast boom started and peaked my interest so on March 6, 2006 I took the plunge without knowing what I was doing and did the first episode of the UkeCast. I'm still a relative beginner myself so I hope that I can give the other uke newbies out there some help.

Other Random stuff about me:

I am currently a full time stay at home dad.

Before becoming a full time dad I worked as a Sys Admin at an ISP.

I've taken the first few steps into the world of building ukuleles starting with cigar box ukes and shortly will move onto traditional styles. Hopefully you will see Ukeland Ukes popping up on eBay.

I go by Zathras on most of the ukulele internet boards. It is the name of an unusual character from the TV show Babylon 5. "Zathras good at doings, not understandings."

I used to run a site DVDAddicts.com back in the early days of DVDs that saw a moderate amount of success.

Email me at chris@ukecast.com

Various Links

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I also built a Mickey Jukebox

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