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Ukulele Revolution

I first played the ukulele when I was sixteen and have always had ukuleles around the place. About four years ago, after hearing George Harrison play "The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea", and hearing the Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain on BBC Radio 4, I started to take my uke playing more seriously. I felt I had finally found the instrument for me and began recording reggae infused ukulele music in my home studio. This eventually led to collaboration with many ukulele players around the world on my song "Ukulele Revolution".

The internet is a marvellous thing and after hearing episode one of the "Ukecast" I contacted Chris and was accepted as UK correspondent. I was very fortunate to be able to interview George and Hester from the UOoGB, a report that appeared in the fourth show After a couple of shows where I took over hosting duties from Chris, he invited me to be the regular co-host; a job which I enjoy very much.

I also run a ukulele club called "Taunton Ukulele Strummers Club" (TUSC), which meets every Monday night in my local pub. We are going from strength to strength and played our first gig last Christmas. As if this wasn't enough ukulele, I also teach around 60 children to play ukulele at the school where I am a teacher.

At the moment my favourite ukuleles to play are a Joel Eckhaus 1k soprano and my mahogany "Nipper" uke, built for me by the mighty John Colter.

A big thanks to the marvellous Mrs Nipper and the little Nippers for their patience and love.

Be seeing you,

January 2007

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Other facts about Nipper

  • Nipper also plays bass, melodica and clarinet.
  • Nipper was a member of the reggae band "Skaville Train"
  • Nipper cycles everywhere and has never driven a car.
  • Nipper is a campanologist.
  • Nipper sings 20's, 30's jazz tunes accompanied by ukulele.
  • Nipper's favourite drink is "Fentimans Ginger Beer"
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