About the UkeCast

The Ukulele Podcast

The UkeCast started on March 6, 2006 as an offshoot of Ukeland.com. Originially the purpose was to focus on beginner tips and amateur uke recordings, things soon expanded beyond its humble beginnings.

Nipper has been a part of the show since episode two as a "UK Correspondent." Thanks to the advent of Skype he was able to join as the official co-host on show 17.

2007 is gearing up to be a great year for the ukulele and the UkeCast. We have started things out by moving to a new host which should allow us to grow and expand and spread the word of the Ukulele Revolution.

What is a Podcast?

A podcast is an internet radio show that is broadcast digitally. You can download the shows directly via this site but the recommended method is to use a program such as iTunes (a free download) to subscribe to the show. If you subscribe new shows will be automatically downloaded whenever we put one out.

What is the differences between the MP3 and Enhanced versions?

The Enhanced Edition features images and chapters that correspond to each song and segment. If you listen on a newer model iPod with a color screen that is the one to get. The MP3 version is simply a standard MP3 file that should be compatible with any standard player.

What does it cost?

The UkeCast is a labor of love of Nipper and myself and is provided free to everyone around the world. Hosting the site, hardware, software, etc basically comes out of my pocket currently, but we currently do accept donations via PayPal via the link on the left. Donations will go to help support all the workings behind UkeCast.com and UkeLand.com.

Want to help?

If you have an idea for a segment or would like to help out behind the scenes somehow just let us know. You can email us directly at Chris@ukecast.com or Nipper@ukecast.com

Last updated 1/3/07